A little bit of Connie's Driving School history....

In 1987 I was a Franklin Lakes resident and local Mom of an 8 year old boy/athlete. I wanted to start a buisineess that would give me the flexibility to tend to all all the running around that comes with having a son who played sports. I knew the business very well as my husband, at the time, owned a driving school as one of his businesses along wirth a partner. I decided to go with the driving school business idea. I knew 30 years ago I would be one of the only women, if not the first, to enter the driving school world. I also knew that to be a great driving instructor and owner, being blessed with with being naturally patient and tolerant person, was the key. I've always been know for being a teacher who was able to find a way to have a true, real connection with my students.  Nothing overwhelming or phony. Word of mouth before social media was the beginning of a prosperous 30 years, of course word of mouth is still going strong and it gives me a great rewarding feeling.  I also have had ample experience teaching students with special needs and different levels of aniexty.  Best part of it all I still love and enjoy my business and I am grateful to all of the parents for giving me the opportunity to be the driving school they chose.

Photos of Connie

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